Airport Poem (twitter sonnet)

Airport Poem (twitter sonnet)

A man felt me up and then I got into a silver tube.
I’m reading a book where people fall elaborately in love and everybody dies.
On a plane once I read Cannery Row, one of the few books I’ve read twice.
I’ve read Jesus’ Son tens of times but never on a plane.
It’s too good for that.
A book about land, being on it, and trying not to get erased from it.
At an art show the artist did a presentation on the Third Throne.
The artwork not the book.
He should have left well enough alone, but did a pseudo religious performance anyway.
His videos where good, though.
I read East of Eden on a plane.
I prefer science fiction now because I’m worried about what’s going to happen to us.
At the counter we got breakfast and the total was twenty thirteen.
The year we’ll have a baby, I said.


Forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review.

Readings on Knox Wirter’s House.

Dan Boehl

Last summer I did a reading in Minnesota, and while I was there did a recording of some work for the Knox Writer’s House. They have a ton of interviews with poets talking about their home towns and reading their poems. And hand-draw portraits of everyone. I like mine, though it makes me look like I have a black beard. (I am blond!)

My business partners Chris Tonelli and Matt Rasmussen were interviewed a long with me here.

Check out me reading poems here, here, and here.


Stain of Poetry Reading Series, Featuring BIRDS, LLC

Stain of Poetry Reading Series, Featuring Birds LLC on January 28th, 2011, from Goodbye Blue Monday, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Readers include Dan Boehl, Sommer Browning, Sampson Starkweather, Emily Pettit, Justin Marks and Chris Tonelli. Also featuring Steven Karl and Christie Ann Reynolds. Filmed and edited by DJ Dolack for Coldfront Magazine.

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