Cube, or
7 Complete Strangers of Widely Varying Personality Characteristics are Involuntarily Placed in an Endless Kafkaesque Maze Containing Deadly Traps

Able to take only so much hip-hop and databases,
I get some coffee and shoot-the-shit
with the co-workers there. Times like this
I think about that movie Cube.
The best-worst movie I have ever seen,
it’s about these people who wake up in a giant cube.
Frantically they run around the cube’s identical rooms
discovering each other
and getting bloodbathed by unforeseen traps
set by an unseen boss. It’s a test. If they work together
they live. They fall into the regular
character types: the soldier, the clown, the babe.
Only the autistic guy lives.
He actually likes the work of not getting
bloodbathed. Tomorrow, I’ll be
somebody’s boss. But today
I can confidently count on myself
as someone I would like.

Available from Pavement Saw Press.
Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Series
Winner of the 2006-07 Chapbook Award
ISBN 978-1-886350-69-4
28 pages, saddle stapled

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