emoemoji : woods reviewed in Publishers Weekly

Check out the Publishers Weekly review of my new book, emoemoji : woods.

“blends whimsy and minimalism in his second full-length collection, an insouciant take on nature writing in the era of Twitter. Written during a residency in Germany, the book records impressions of people, places, and things in highly constrained lyrics. Each of the collection’s fragmented, yet flowing, poems contains just one word per line. Some poems offer irreverent musings on tradition (“henry/ david/ therouxs/ a/ grumpy/ know/ it/ all”), while others merge the digital and the pastoral (“touch/ screen/ tech/ of/ email/ vs/ first/ thing/ I/ do/ in/ the/ morning/ is/ check/ the/ field/ for/ fox”).”

Click here for the full review.

Dan Boehl emoemoji : woods reviewed in Publishers Weekly

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