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Kindle Author interview about Kings of the F**king Sea and Naomi and the Horse-Flavored T-Shirt.

Thanks to Michael Davidson (aka. Herocious) for interviewing me for Kindle Author. I liked his questions. Like this one:

5)  Is ignorance bliss? Not really. When people don’t know what is going on, bad things happen. Like the Great Recession. That happened because no one was watching the banks rape and pillage ordinary citizens who wanted to pursue the American Dream and own homes. There are other examples of this, but in general, ignorance is awful. My novel and my first full-length book of poetry deal with this a lot.

Naomi and the Horse-Flavored T-Shirt

Naomi and the Horse-Flavored T-ShirtNaomi and the Horse-Flavored T-Shirt is a science fiction novel for middle school readers set in a future without gasoline that follows fourteen-year-old Naomi, who, along with her farmer friend, Sammy, searches the paste factory for her father and the town’s missing horses. Download a sample here.

Kindle: $9.99 $5.99
Paperback: $12.99
200 pages, Published by Dan Boehl
First Edition, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-9838463-0-7

Kindle version from Amazon:


Paperback available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu:
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Endless Ranches is a town like any other town in Texas. Everybody works for the paste company, eats paste for breakpaste, plunch, and dinner, and walks to work. But things were different before the factory came to town and all of the horses disappeared.

Fourteen-year-old Naomi knows something is not right, but nobody talks about it. Naomi’s mom changes the subject when Naomi asks about her missing father and one of her teachers disappears after he tells the class about the town’s past. But on her birthday, Naomi’s mother gives her an amazing gift that unlocks the truth about Endless Ranches: her father’s horse-flavored T-shirt. Accompanied by Sammy, a teenaged farmer forced to steal paste so he can feed his brothers and sisters, Naomi uncovers a devious Paste Company plot to subdue the townspeople and raise an army of mindless white people.

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